Form, Speed, Power

A lesson I learned long ago, from a wise teacher of martial arts, still resonates with me today. He said to me:

On Form:

"Don't worry about hitting fast yet. First focus on your form. If you don't have good form, you'll never be able to strike swiftly. You'll have too much wasted movement." 

On Speed:

"Don't worry about hitting hard. After you have perfect form, focus on speed. Hit your targets quickly and efficiently. Power comes from two things: velocity and mass behind it. If you're not fast, you'll never be powerful."

On Power:

"Finally, deliver with force. Use your entire body. When you've mastered all else, you can hit harder than someone twice your size."

Don't try to jump ahead, or you'll never achieve your goal. Always train yourself in the proper order: first form, then speed, and finally power.