Day 4: More Sewing.

So today you’re gonna sew some more shit together. It’s gonna be awesome.

Using a little bit of glue, brush the edge of the tongue-piece and the front of the upper; the glue helps to secure the pieces as you attempt to sew them together. Mark (with a pen) the side seams and the center to guide your stitching.

I used a hand-stitching technique using two needles weaving into the leather in a figure eight. It looks pretty nice. I also used grey thread. Use whatever you want. Stitch the tongue+top to the main body of the shoe.

Repeat the same for the lining.

Next you’re gonna want to ttitch the tongues of the upper and lining together. Lay the upper on top of the lining. Use a silver pen and mark out a line about ¼ inch from the borders of the tongue. Use needles to hand-stitch just INSIDE the line you just drew. After stitching, tie off the loose ends and trim the border of the tongue.

Next you’ll secure the rest of the lining with the upper. For the rest of the body of the shoe, apply a bit of glue to the edges and attach the “binding”. Stitch the binding all around, thus permanently attaching the lining and uppers.