A READING LIST for software designer/developers

This is a list of works I've encountered that I feel are extremely valuable. I have chosen not to summarize them or even offer an opinion on them; rather, I've noted the question that the work asks and attempts to answer because believe every work is created to explore a central question. If the question happens to be one that you also share, then go take a peek at the author's journey into it.

"The Mother of All Demos"

Doug Engelbart
Can you leverage a machine to make yourself smarter?

"The Mythical Man Month"

Fred Brooks
How do you ensure conceptual integrity?


"Inventing on Principle"

Bret Victor
If we make the invisible visible, can we begin to think the unthinkable?


The Design of Everyday Things

Donald A. Norman
How do we design objects that don't need manuals or even labels?


The Humane Interface

Jef Raskin
Why do computers suck so much?


Understanding Media

Marshall McLuhan
How does a new medium change the way you think?


Why Mega Man X is the Best Game Ever

Can a game teach you the rules without using ANY words?

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Edward Tufte
How do you convey the most information with the least ink spilled?


A Communications Primer

Ray & Charles Eames
How does Communication work?


The Anti-Mac User Interface 

Jakob Nielsen
If your users grew up with computing and you can abandon physical metaphor, what interface would you design?