Squarespace is one of those companies dedicated to crafting beautiful tools to enable creative expression. So, there is plenty of encouragement to build cool stuff, and the company even throws whole-day "Hackdays" where the product/engineering team can experiment with ideas.

Since we push improvements and bug fixes to Squarespace on a daily basis, I declared to the others that it'd be awesome to have an actual glowing red button that we could hit to deploy the code. Plenty of chuckles went around the room, but my intrepid colleague Jonathan Beluch thought so too and so it came to be: we got into hack-mode and combined forces to build this project over the course of a day that involved a lot of burritos, lots of caffeine, and horsin' around.


We used an old cigar box, the Arduino, and a bunch of components purchased from Sparkfun and Amazon. The button is protected by two key switches and a toggle switch that must all be in the ON position for the button to light up and be "armed". 


  1. One Arduino Uno 
  2. One Arduino Ethernet shield 
  3. One old cigar box from OK Cigar in SoHo
  4. One can spray paint, black from Blick 
  5. Two key switches
  6. One toggle switch with red missile cover
  7. One breadboard
  8. One TIP120 transistor (to control the red button's light)
  9. Some 100 ohm and 10K ohm resistors.
  10. One ethernet cord
  11. Lots of wires
the final result

the final result